FAQ | Echo Systems


Who is Echo Systems?

Echo Systems is a division of Echo Group Inc., a locally owned company that employs nearly 500 people throughout a 5 state area.

Echo Systems was formed 17 years ago, after recognizing a need to elevate the region’s offering of quality AV services, and has seen incredible growth. Echo Systems was recently ranked as the 30th largest AV integrator in the nation by CE Pro’s Top 100 list.  In 2015, Echo Systems completed construction of an award-winning Experience Center.  A truly one-of-a-kind facility in the nation, where clients can see the best public demonstration of aesthetically integrated technology in a luxury home setting.  In June of 2019, Echo Systems acquired one of its largest competitors in the Kansas City market, and is working towards construction of an Experience Center in the KC area.

What does Echo systems do?

We design, specify install, program and service low-voltage electronic systems or homes and businesses. This includes lighting control, A/V systems, home automation and control systems, home theater, motorized shade in solutions, and more. Echo Systems is also a leader in sophisticated lighting design and specification and supply of quality architectural lighting fixtures, including the trending human-centric category.

Is Echo systems more expensive than other AV integrators?

Absolutely not.  The design consultants at Echo Systems are trained to listen carefully to a client’s wants and needs and offer creative solutions, often requiring out-of-the-box thinking. We, as a company, are not afraid of solutions that offer higher aesthetic integration or better performance, which can sometime result in a client deciding to spend more than they would have on a competitors more basic system design.  Our Experience Center features many remarkable examples of innovative technology that clients don’t often see from any of our competitors.

Can Echo Systems compete with other AV integrators prices and designs?

Absolutely, in many cases Echo Systems has been asked to provide an “apples to apples” design. However, it is not uncommon for Echo design consultants to find key aspects of systems missing from a competitor’s proposal. Echo strives to deliver as comprehensive a system design as is necessary, working hard to avoid the need for change orders or “surprises” for our clients. Many integrators in this industry seek to gain clients business by presenting a low number in order to secure the contract, then roll out the change orders. At Echo Systems, we are not afraid to show a client everything they need to consider early in the process.  Our job is to educate our clients and then work carefully to deliver a system that meets our clients’ needs and budget.

What geographical area does Echo Systems work in?

Due to advances in remote monitoring and management has enabled Echo Systems to serve clients from coast to coast and even internationally.  We generally consider our “backyard” to be a 4 hour radius from our Omaha or Kansas city offices.  However, we have many clients distributed throughout the country, even in the Caribbean.  For many clients in larger, more-expensive markets, hiring Echo Systems with midwestern cost of living is more cost effective than hiring a local firm.  Echo Systems is also a member of The Guild, enabling us to partner with the best AV companies in the country for remote work needs.

Why the tag line, “We deliver 100%”

There is a common failure in our industry. Many AV Integrators out there are simply focused on selling projects and moving to the next as quickly as possible. As a result, far too many projects are only 95% complete. That unresolved 5% of items can lead to extreme frustration with both the integrator and technology itself. At Echo Systems, we employ a proven process. It begins with competent design, carried forward by qualified project managers, installed by skilled technicians and programmers, evaluated by the critical eyes of our quality control team and finally delivered into the hands of our dedicated service department. Echo Systems delivers 100%.

Does Echo Systems have a service department?

Most definitely. Service and support is costly and takes a dedicated approach, and frankly, many aren’t built for it. Among our competitors, often the same person that sold the system, also installed it and supports it. There lone operators go on vacation, find other vocations, or simply stop returning your calls. We leverage our size and experience to offer our clients a dedicated service department, with options for 24 hour live support. With a range of remote support capabilities, Echo Systems is never far away.

Will adding technology to my project slow things down or complicate the process?

There are few projects that don’t call for technology these days, be it a wireless network or a discreetly mounted TV and easy to use remote control. But demand for technology should not slow down a project. By engaging Echo Systems early in the process, their design team can make sure the technology is a part of the design, not apart from it. Echo’s project managers are trained to carefully execute its clients vision seamlessly though every stage of construction. From coordination with the builder and all necessary subcontractors, Echo Systems takes care of all the details necessary to bring the project to a successful outcome.

What is HTA?

The Home Technology Association Certification system is an industry standard of excellence for home technology installation companies. The HTA has created a rigorous set of standards for home technology companies to adhere to. Once HTA Certified, these firms must commit to maintaining the high standards of HTA Certification.

Once certified, the firm’s information is published on the HTA website to educate and encourage consumers and design/build professionals to find the very best companies in their area. HTA Certified firms are assigned one of three tiers based on the typical project they excel with, and these are: Estate, Luxury, and Foundation. Echo Systems is an HTA Certified Estate firm. Learn more about what that means here. You can also find Echo Systems on the HTA website here.

What is the Guild?

The Guild is an integrator alliance representing the highest standard of technology integration firms for both residential and commercial projects. Guild member firms have consistently earned the trust of discerning homeowners, award-winning architects, designers, developers and more. They address the wants, needs and desires of all clients in harmony and with great respect for the requirements of building technology, architecture and interior design.